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Latest 5 Additions to ePubWU

1. Fichet de Clairfontaine, Aurélien and Fischer, Manfred M. and Lata, Rafael and Paier, Manfred (2014) Barriers to cross-region research and development collaborations in Europe. Evidence from the fifth European Framework Programme. Working Papers in Regional Science, 2014/02. Published by Ass.Prof.Mag.Dr. Petra Staufer-Steinnocher und o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Manfred M. Fischer, Vienna. file
2. Krisztin, Tamás and Fischer, Manfred M. (2014) The gravity model for international trade: Specification and estimation issues in the prevalence of zero flows. Working Papers in Regional Science, 2014/01. Published by Ass.Prof. Mag. Dr. Petra Staufer-Steinnocher und o.Univ. Prof. Dr. Manfred M. Fischer, Vienna. file
3. Spash, Clive L. (2015) Bulldozing Biodiversity: The Economics of Optimal Extinction. SRE - Discussion Papers, 2014/01. WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna. file
4. Gadringer, Mark-P. (2011) The political risk of international sanctions and multinational firm value: an empirical analysis using the event-study methodology. Doctoral thesis, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. Item availablity restricted. file
5. Bittschi, Benjamin and Pennerstorfer, Astrid and Schneider, Ulrike (2014) Paid and unpaid labor in nonprofit organizations: Does the substitution effect exist? British Journal of Industrial Relations. ISSN 1467-8543 Item availablity restricted. file